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Summer sports on the sand

Summer sports on the sand

Yoga lessons and exercises on the sand

Unique social events

Νεράιδα του μυαλού και της ψυχής

Βράχος, θάλασσα και απρόσμενο πράσινο

Ενας ξεχωριστός τόπος ονείρων


Our hotel is located near the beach and this makes it ideal for the planning of several activities like sailing, canoeing etc.

A beach volleyball tournament is held every year during which, the teams provide a unique spectacle trying to win the 1rst place .

We provide free yoga and zumba classes both on the beach and in our facilities during the summer and for those who lenjoy hiking there are a lot of beautiful trails like the one that joins Diakofti with Avlaimona.
There are also special music nights with live music from talented artists in our lounge area.