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Diakofti beach

Diakofti beach

Diakofti village

Diakofti the island

Νεράιδα του μυαλού και της ψυχής

Βράχος, θάλασσα και απρόσμενο πράσινο

Ενας ξεχωριστός τόπος ονείρων

  Kythira - Diakofti

Kythira is a beautiful island which combines the natural beauty of Ionian Islands and the wild scenery of Cyclades.
Visitors can enjoy a number of sights and beaches.
One of Kythira's best things are the villages.
Either traditional or modern, either near the sea or not, they are all worth visiting!

Diakofti, where our hotel is located, is one of the most beautiful villages.
Its unique sandy beach resembles those of tropical islands.
The beach is ideal for families with children since the sea is crystal clear and shallow.

A few meters away from the harbor you can also see the "Nordland" shipwreck that took place a few years ago and has become one of the island’s modern exhibits.